What is a Trunk-Liner?

Unlike traditional dealer supplied cargo or trunk liners which only protect your cargo floor space, US Trunk Liners protects the floor, sides and back of the rear seats. Our Trunk Liners / Cargo Liners are very tough and hard wearing.  Each High sided Cargo Liner is custom designed and made from co-polymer polypropylene to fully protect your car cargo interior, and the sides always stay up!!

• It is puncture proof, crack proof and wear resistant. Your trunk is well looked after for years with a US Trunk Liner

• It weighs about 10 LBS, but is durable enough to take heavy duty use

• It is FREE-standing and High-Sided

• It is #1 in preventing dog hair in your carpet, and very easy to clean.

The liner is made of a copolymer propylene. As you can see it has high sides that protects much more than the floor. The sides never fall down, it is completely self-supporting and hugs the sides of your vehicle. Each of the liner is made specifically for your make and model of your SUV, Wagon , Crossover, Minivan.

The best thing about the line is it prevents dog hair, sand, dirt from getting inside the carpet of your vehicle.

The back panel of the Cargo Liner is designed to protect the vast majority of your seat backs, and is normally sized to go to the top of the carpeted area. The height of the back panel may also be customized upon request. It attaches to the side panels via the pop studs, and to the base via a Velcro strip that tucks underneath. The back panel can be un-popped from the sides and dropped when the rear seats are dropped.

The Cargo Liner base is designed to cover the vast majority of the boot floor. It is joined to the side panels to help prevent debris leaving the liner. It attaches to the back panel via a hidden velcro strip underneath the back of the base. It’s made of the same heavy duty polypropylene as the rest of the liner, so is very durable and wipes clean in seconds.Each Trunk/Cargo Liner uses metal pop studs to fit together. The side panels are connected to the back panel via these studs, and can be pressed together with ease. They are designed to allow quick fitting and removal of the Cargo Liner and give the liner all round strength to ensure it is totally self supporting.

Specifically designed with dogs in mind, the customized Anti-Slip Mat will guarantee your dog gets a comfortable ride everytime. Made of a specially formed watertight open cell rubber that provides a padded thermal cushion for your dog and provides excellent grip for a safe secure ride and when they jump in and out of your car. Simply lifts out to shake loose dog hairs off, or to reverse.

The optional Trunk/Cargo Liner Bumper Protector will protect your trunk lip or rear bumper from scratches, scrapes and muddy marks. It is even strong enough to protect your bumper from dogs jumping in and out. An absolute must for those painted bumpers. Simply attaches to your trunk or Trunk/Cargo Liner via Velcro (supplied.) Just flips back into your trunk, ready for immediate use at any time. Ideal for:

• Dogs jumping in and out of your trunk

• Loading mountain bikes, protects from crank scratches and oil stains

• Loading sharp or heavy waste bags

• Protecting bumper from garden tools and lawn mower

• DIY uses, garbage trips, garden waste, golf or fishing gear etc

• Wheelchairs, mobility scooters and more

More than likely, we have the standard dimensions on file to make trunk liner products fit your car perfectly. If, however, the standard dimensions don’t quite fit your specific needs, we’re happy to customize them at no extra charge. Shown below are the customisation options you can choose and the measurements you’ll need to take for your car. If you will need any of the customisation options below, you will want to have these measurements ready before you place your order.

For additional information on the measurements needed, click here to go to our Customization Guide.