Extendable (Adjustable) Cargo/Trunk Liner


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Our Extendable High-Sided heavy duty Cargo Liners are Made to the Make, Model and Year of your SUV, Minivan, or Hatchback.

Our Expendable liners are made from a hard but flexible polypropylene Plastic. It will give you protection on the floor, sides and back seats. The high sides of the cargo liners will not fall down 100% Guaranteed. The liner is made to go behind the 2nd row seat and when you put the seat down it will extend to the back of the driver and passenger seat doubling your cargo area. It is like have a pickup truck in your SUV, Minivan or Wagon.The Expendable Liner comes with 2 anti-slip mats that go on the floor of the liner to prevent anything from sliding around. When you extend the liner you will extend the mat. The liner is excellent for preventing dog hair, dirt and sand from getting in the carpet. 

Our Cargo Liner / Trunk Liners are very easy to clean. All you do is take a damp towel and just wipe it out or you can pull the liner out of the vehicle in 4 to 5 seconds and hose it down.
For Mini Vans and bigger SUV’s we can make the sides detach so you can load very easily from either side door. This is the Ultimate SUV cargo liner / trunk liner. 

NOTE: The Bumper Protector is a separate item.


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