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Designed Specifically For the Make and Model of YOUR SUV 

to Save over $20 when you buy the Cargo Liner and the Anti-Slip Mat as a bundle for only $186 + shipping

Each heavy duty Trunk/Cargo Liner is designed to give the maximum protection possible for your SUV, (the sides, floor and back seats)  with the least amount of hassle for you. The sides will never fall. We work very hard to GUARANTEE you get the best possible fit first time, everytime. Yes this is the ultimate cargo liner, it cleans in seconds with a damp towel. 

Our High-Sided Trunk Liner / Cargo Liner has been designed to best suit your cargo area, and built to protect your trunk from pretty much anything from (hairy dogs), DIY, Golf clubs, tools, or dirty garden tools/refuse.

Each High Sided Cargo Liner / Trunk Liner is made of the same heavy duty polypropylene plastic and weighs approximately 10 lbs. The panel that protects the back of your seats is fully detachable to allow ease of fitting and has the added bonus of letting you drop your rear seats for longer loads without having to remove the Liner.  Simply the Best SUV cargo liner / trunk liner.


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